Live-in care is one of the most popular alternatives to residential care. It provides more support than an hourly care worker and allows the client to access premium quality care from the comfort of their own home. Staying in your own home offers a number of benefits, not to mention increased comfort and a sense of security.

We are a well-established home care company that provides residents of Worthing and the surrounding areas with quality care when they need it most. We help to pair individuals with unique care needs with live-in carers that will help them to remain independent and connected to their community.

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Looking for live-in care in Worthing?

We can help. At Cheriton Homecare, we understand that everyone’s care needs are different. That’s why we offer a bespoke live-in care service that is tailored to each individual client. We will work with you to assess your care needs and create a care plan that meets your specific requirements.

Our carers are extensively trained and vetted, so you can rest assured they are trustworthy and reliable individuals. They are also incredibly caring individuals that will help you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Benefits of live-in care

Live-in care offers a wide range of benefits over residential care. Many people believe it is a superior choice not only for the individual but also for their loved ones.

 It will enable you to stay in the comfort of your own home and then we can tailor the support to your needs. With a diverse range of carers with different skills and backgrounds, we can find you the ideal level of support and care. Live-in care offers the following benefits:

  • Maintain independence

When choosing live-in care, individuals can maintain their independence for longer and stay in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

  • Local carers

We hire local carers who know the area inside out, so you can be confident your carer will help you to stay connected to your community.

  • Family support

When choosing live-in care, the whole family can get involved with care decisions and planning, which leads to favourable outcomes for all.

  • Incredible value

The cost of live-in care is far less than that of residential care and other care arrangements, and you don’t have to sell your home.

  • Flexible care

We can provide flexible care solutions that will adapt to your changing needs. Having the same carer also offers better continuity of care.

  • Improved health outcomes

Through live-in care, you can experience improved health outcomes which will have a positive impact on the individual and their loved ones.

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How does live-in care work?

Live-in care is similar to residential care but you will remain in your own home. A live-in carer will move into your home and provide you with the support you need to maintain your independence. They will help with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, and medication assistance. They will also provide emotional support and companionship.

Your live-in carer will work closely with you to create a care plan that matches your needs. This care plan may change over time, so we will regularly review it to ensure it is still meeting your requirements. We also invite family members to contribute to the care plan to ensure that everyone is happy with the care that is being provided.

When you choose Cheriton Homecare, you’ll also benefit from the support of our head office team. They’ll be available around the clock to assist you and ensure you are making the most of your live-in care arrangement.

What do live-in carers help with?

Live-in carers can provide support with all aspects of daily life, from personal care and medication assistance to cooking and cleaning. They will also provide emotional support and companionship. The level of care required will depend on your circumstances.

Our clients typically require a little extra support with basic tasks such as personal care and grooming. They might also need help with household tasks such as meal planning, buying food and cooking. If you have pets in your home, you might appreciate a little extra help in caring for them. Your live-in carer can also actively help with your health by arranging GP appointments and helping you to take the right medication at the right time.

Live-in carers are also excellent companions. They’ll help you to stay connected with your friends, family and wider community. This could mean driving you to a weekly social club, or it could mean teaching you how to video call with your grandchildren. Whatever is important to you, your live-in carer will help to make it a priority.

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Live-in care FAQs

What do I have to provide for a live-in carer?

Your live-in carer will need their own bedroom, which should be a comfortable space for them to relax in when they are not working. You will also be responsible for covering any other reasonable costs incurred during their stay, such as utility bills.

Are live-in carers available 24/7?

No, live-in carers are not available 24/7. They will typically work 8 hours spread over 24 hours, allowing for regular breaks. This can be flexible to meet your needs, for example, if you need more support at night time.

How is this different from a care home?

A care home is a residential setting where you will live alongside other residents. A live-in carer lives in your own home with you and provides one-to-one support.

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