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What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a single care assistant resides with you in your home.

Live-in care offers continuous support for those with care needs, especially those with limited mobility or specialist needs. Live-in Care can offer peace of mind to loved ones who cannot be available to provide the support they would like to, while care assistants offer essential support to enable individuals to remain independent.

Live-in care is one of the best alternatives to residential care as it allows individuals to stay in their own homes. Remaining in familiar surroundings contributes to improved mental health, medical outcomes and will also help with overall wellbeing.

Above all else, live-in care is flexible to the needs of the individual. Every person is given a care plan which can be adapted and changed. The care plan will outline the essential requirements to ensure mental and physical wellbeing is prioritised every step of the way.

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Is live-in care the same as 24 hour care?

Live-in care is another term for 24 hour care. By having your carer live in the same property, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that someone is always nearby should you have an accident or need assistance. It also offers flexibility over when you can access assistance.

While the carer may be available around the clock, they do not work all of the time and will be entitled to regular breaks and time off. This will be scheduled to ensure that you have access to care when you need it most.

For example, you might need the most help in the morning and during mealtimes. Or you might need assistance in the day to get out and about. Your care plan will take this into consideration and your carer’s time will be maximised to make the most of their availability.

The cost of live in care

Single person

Overall, a live-in carer offers personalised care, enhanced safety, companionship, independence, and peace of mind, making it a valuable option for individuals who require ongoing assistance and support in the comfort of their own home.

Cheriton Homecare’s dedicated Live-in carers facilitate regular communications between clients and their loved ones, enabling participation in family events, birthdays, and holidays.

Our support ensures you to maintain cherished family connections, thereby enhancing overall health and happiness.

Cheriton Homecare’s live-in carers provide diligent housekeeping services, ensuring a clean and comfortable living environment for clients. By managing tasks like cleaning, laundry, and bed linen changes, our live-in care services enhance the quality of life in the comfort of clients’ own homes.

Cheriton Homecare places emphasis on choice, allowing you to be involved in selecting your live-in carer. We believe in matching not just based on your care needs, but also your personality and interests, ensuring a harmonious living and care environment for both of you.

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Having a live-in carer allows for greater involvement of family members in your care. They can work collaboratively with your loved ones to ensure your needs are met effectively. This shared responsibility provides family members with peace of mind, knowing that you are receiving dedicated care and support.

Cheriton Homecare’s live-in carers gracefully adapt to your shared lifestyle. Mindful of both partners, they provide necessary care while maintaining the cherished rhythms of your couple’s routine, fostering a harmonious and comforting living environment.

Cheriton Homecare’s live-in care ensures that couples remain together in the comfort of their own home. Our carers provide tailored assistance, from shared responsibility tasks to supervision, ensuring each partner’s needs are met, enhancing your lives while nurturing companionship.

Cheriton Homecare values your choices, enabling both of you to participate in selecting your live-in carer. We focus on matching based on both partners’ care needs, personalities, and interests, crafting a harmonious living and care environment that respects your shared life

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How we compare against the care industry

Centrally managed CQC regulated care companiesUnregulated companies
Regulation ComplianceAdhere to CQC's strict standards for quality and safety.No mandatory adherence to any specific standards.
Staff TrainingStaff undergo mandatory, comprehensive training.Training may not be as thorough, consistent or exist.
Staff VettingComprehensive background checks on all staff.Staff vetting may not be as thorough.
Continuity of CareEfforts made to ensure continuity of care.Continuity may be disrupted due to staffing issues.
Client SatisfactionRegular client satisfaction surveys inform service improvement.Client feedback may not be systematically collected or acted upon.
InspectionsRegular inspections ensure consistent quality of care.Lack of inspections can lead to inconsistent care.
Choice of CarerClients can select their preferred live-in carer, fostering a sense of comfort and trust in their careChoice of live-in carers may not be available, potentially leading to discomfort or mistrust.
Participation in Care PlanningClients can participate in care plan development, ensuring their needs and preferences are central to the care process.Client involvement in care planning may be minimal, potentially leading to less personalised care.
Medication ManagementStrict protocols for medication administration.Medication management may be less rigorous

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Common reasons to choose live in care


Those with dementia may need additional care to support their needs, whether they are mild, severe or advanced. It can also be helpful to offer respite for partners, parents and children who have assumed the role caring for their loved one.

Physical disability

You don’t have to struggle with daily routines and tasks. By making the decision to engage a live in care service, you can continue to lead a fulfilling life that is as independent as you would like it to be.

Palliative care

Living with a progressive or terminal illness may mean that you require round the clock support to help manage your symptoms. Live in care offers the ideal level of support without. Unnecessary disruption allowing, you to focus on the important things.

Relatives unable to visit

If your friends and relatives live too far away to visit or offer practical support to you, you could benefit from the peace of mind that a live-in carer can offer. This will provide companionship and practical support in their absence.

Living alone

It can sometimes be difficult adjusting to suddenly living alone, particularly if support you once relied on is now no longer available. A live-in carer will provide much-needed companionship and support as you navigate this sudden change of circumstance in your life.

Age-related reasons

Growing older and the associated fragility and vulnerability that comes with, it is a very common reason for choosing the assistance provided by live in care. You will benefit from the knowledge that someone is on hand to help you carry out essential everyday tasks, while also being available to help, should the need arise.

Live in care for companionship

Live-in carers provide a service that goes beyond meeting your essential needs. They are also excellent companions that can prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness. Feeling lonely or depressed can aggravate health conditions and make it difficult to stay connected.

Your live-in carer will provide you with companionship and will also make it possible for you to remain an active part of your friendship circles and community. A live in carer can support you to attend community events away from your home or host a tea party or luncheon with your friends.

Why choose Cheriton Homecare?

We provide an industry-leading home care service that sets us apart from the competition. Our personalised approach to homecare will ensure you have access to the care you need, when you need it. We start by getting to know the individual before matching them with a care assistant who can meet their needs while offering excellent companionship and support.

We’re here to listen. We understand that the reasons for choosing live-in care are diverse and varied, so we take the time to get to know you and your needs before we build your care plan.

Person-centred approach. We focus on the individual, getting to know their routine and preferences before offering any suggestions on how we can support them.

Highly trained team. Our team is made up of industry experts with years of experience providing care and support to the most vulnerable. We’re also dedicated to learning and development, so our team is always expanding their skills.

Fully managed support. We offer a comprehensive service and will guide you every step of the way. We want to ensure that you can make informed decisions based on expert information and advice.

We’ll treat you like family. We want everyone to feel the care and support that comes from family. By treating our team and clients like family, we can provide unparalleled support.

Improved continuity. Working with Cheriton Homecare will mean that you have continued support, even if your care assistant is ill or takes annual leave. We’ll take care of the respite support, so you’ll enjoy improved continuity of care.

The benefits of live-in care compared to residential care

Live-in careResidential care homes
Personalised, One-to-One CareWith live-in care, your loved one receives the undivided attention of a dedicated live-in carer. a live-in carer can provide personalised care tailored to your loved one's specific needs and preferences.Unlike residential care, where staff must divide their attention among many residents,
Comfort of HomeLive-in care allows your loved one to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like dementia, who may find a change of environment distressing. In contrast, residential care requires moving to a new, unfamiliar setting.In contrast, residential care requires moving to a new, unfamiliar setting.
Maintaining IndependenceA live-in carer supports your loved one in maintaining their independence. They can continue their daily routines, hobbies, and social activities with the support of their live-in carer.In residential care, routines and activities are often dictated by the facility's schedule.
Flexibility and ControlWith live-in care, your loved one has the flexibility to dictate their own schedule and make choices about their daily life.This level of control is often not possible in a residential care setting, where schedules are typically fixed.
CompanionshipA live-in carer provides not just care, but companionship. They can become a trusted friend and confidante, providing emotional support and reducing feelings of loneliness. In residential care, the high staff-to-resident ratio can make it harder to form these close, supportive relationships.
Greater Family InvolvementLive-in care encourages active family participation in the care process. Family members can visit freely, maintain close relationships, and be involved in care decisions.This is often more challenging in residential care, where visiting hours may be restricted and family involvement in daily care can be limited. With a live-in carer, your loved one's care truly becomes a collaborative family effort.
Ideal for Couples with Different Care NeedsLive-in care is particularly beneficial for couples where one partner requires care. With a live-in carer from Cheriton Homecare, your loved one receives the support they need without disrupting their partner's lifestyle.Unlike residential care, which often separates couples with differing care needs, our live-in care allows couples to stay together in their own home, maintaining their shared routines and enjoying their golden years together.
Enhanced Safety and Reduced Exposure to Otherslive-in care offers a private, controlled environment. This minimises potential stress or discomfort caused by interactions with other residents, promoting a more peaceful and secure living situationUnlike in residential care settings, where residents may be exposed to others with varying mental health challenges

What does live in care include?

Live-in care will mean lots of different things to different people. We start with your daily preferences and routine and then build a homecare plan that provides the ideal level of support. Live-in care could include things like:

Personal care

The most common reason for choosing live-in care is to get help with everyday tasks like dressing, cleaning and going to the bathroom. Having professional support means you no longer need to ask family members for help with personal aspects of daily living.


Having a perception of limited ability can be incredibly isolating, so a live-in carer will also provide much-needed connection with the outside world. They will be there for chats over a cup of tea, or to help you get out and about in your community.

Household chores

Keeping on top of things when you have little energy, are frail or are dealing with an illness or disability can be incredibly difficult. To help you manage, our live-in carers can take care of things like washing the dishes, cooking, planning meals, light housework or caring for pets.

Dietary needs

If you require a specific diet, are limited in what is available regarding food choices, our live-in carers can help by ensuring that your meals are planned and prepared to your requirements.

Getting out and about

To help you stay connected within your community, our live-in carers can be with you when attend planned events away from your home. This will allow you to stay independent for longer, ensuring you can catch up with friends or keep doing the hobbies that you love.

Specialist care

Palliative care and some health conditions require more specialist support. Our expert team of carers can support you with a wide range of care requirements. We can also work alongside your GP or district nurse to ensure excellent continuity of care.

Meet our team of highly qualified carers

Our team is monitored by the Quality Care Commission, so you can be confident you’re getting expert care. We take the time to train each of our team members to ensure they have the skills and experience to provide effective and appropriate care. Our team can also undertake specialist training to address specific healthcare requirements that are unique to you and your situation.

How to get started with us?

If you’re interested in arranging homecare with us, the first step is to contact the team and arrange an assessment of care needs. This is a friendly, no-obligation chat where we will get to know you and your requirements. If you choose to continue then, based on the information gained a formal proposal for care will be created this is a rough outline of what we would expect regarding the level of need and the costs. If you think that this is reasonable and you accept this proposal then contracts would be exchanged.

When this has been completed then further assessments of detailed care needs will be carried out in order to establish a client specific care plan and any adjustments regarding the level of care that needs to be provided will be indicated.

we’ll then match you with available care assistants and where possible you can choose who you would like to have support you in your home. We’ll regularly review this plan to make sure it meets your changing needs.

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Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. Cheriton Homecare’s management have years of experience in all aspects of homecare and we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the assistance that you need, or at least direct you to where you will find it.