The Cheriton Homecare Team

RichardRegistered Manager

Cheriton Homecare grew from personal experience into the company that I now manage with enthusiasm and passion.
I travelled extensively in Africa and Europe before settling in England almost 3 decades ago.

After working as a care assistant for a number of years, I went on to manage a large domiciliary care agency which provided the foundation of my education in care management.

ShaneAssistant Manager
Shane has been with the Cheriton family for six years and is a natural leader. He is an amazing deputy, providing an anchor for the team, when my attention is elsewhere. Shane’s primary responsibilities outside of Assistant Manager are the digital and marketing aspects of running a modern company. As my right hand man he also plays a key roll in finances and contracts for Clients and Staff members.
DaisyCare Coordinator and Head of Recruitment
Daisy is the life and soul of the office and has been with the Cheriton family for 3 years. She started work as a junior administration clerk. Through hard work and her amazing people skills she is now in charge of Cheriton’s Care Coordination and recruitment. Daisy works closely with Trevor to make sure that Cheriton’s care is delivered by trained and competent staff in the right place at the right time.
LukeField Care Supervisor

Luke is dedicated and super efficient, as the field care supervisor he takes care of our clients right down to the tiniest detail. I first met Luke 5 years ago, he was working elsewhere but impressed me with his work ethic to such a degree that I made sure that we kept in contact. It took a few years to create a place for him within our family but I am glad that I did as I consider him a true asset to the team.

Luke has assisted me to built the digital blueprint for care plans and is in charge of monitoring the care records. He is out in the field most days and can respond to any issues that may arise.

TrevorTraining & Recruitment Coordinator
Trevor has always enjoyed working with people, having graduated in Cape Town as a teacher he started a career which has taken him to the 4 corners of the world, teaching in some of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the middle east and Asia. Trevor also has an interest in health and wellness although his first passion is education. He works with Daisy providing support for Recruitment and identifying and Training all new candidates. Another of his responsibilities is ensuring that existing care assistants are supported to develop their professional skills.
StanIT and Data Capture for Digital Systems
Stan is the newest member of our team. Stan’s main role within the Cheriton family is to help the boss to understand what machines do, effectively making sure that the care people receive in their homes is seamlessly connected and monitored. The digital requirements are now compulsory and Stan has been a vital component of adding background information developed by Cheriton Homecare over many years to this new platform. As a growing Englishman, he also makes an awesome cup of tea.