Live-In Care Jobs

We provide excellent care and support services for our clients in their own homes.


If you take pride in what you do and think you can provide the quality care that we offer. We would like to hear from you.


Cheriton Homecare have offices in Brighton and provide live-in care in Brighton as well as the rest of East and West Sussex, Surrey and Greater London area.

Professional Development

Cheriton Homecare provides training opportunities for all care assistants to enable them to carry out their duties effectively and develop to their full potential.

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Working Arrangements

As registered self-employed care assistants, you will make the decisions about when you are available for work.

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Payment Policy

Care assistants are paid by Cheriton Homecare within 7 days after submitting their invoices.

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Wide range of working environments and training opportunities

We thrive on building a supportive network within the company which takes into consideration all aspects of diversity, personal aptitudes and skills.

Cheriton Homecare has a wide range of clients in Sussex, Surrey and Greater London. All of whom are cared for in their own homes. This creates the opportunity for care assistants to work in unique environments and develop new skills.

Client specific training will be provided to self employed care assistants on assignment. This will allow self employed care assistants through selection of their clients to develop their knowledge and skills in a direction of their choosing when registered with Cheriton Homecare.

Specific details on training can be found on the Training section here

Cheriton Homecare is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all. We do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, religion, belief or political views.

Cheriton Homecare shall continue to take active steps to ensure that this policy is adhered to by all members of staff in their actions effecting the promotion of our services and in the recruitment and training of self employed care assistants.

Our vision

To be the caregiving company of choice for all self employed care assistants registered with Cheriton Homecare.

Our aim

To make a difference through exemplary service, teamwork, integrity and innovation for self employed care assistants working with Cheriton Homecare.

Our commitment

To our care assistants is to be courteous, respectful and supportive.

Training will be developed and delivered around the individual needs of the service user and the care assistant.

It is Cheriton Homecare’s policy to provide ongoing training opportunities for all our active care assistants, in order that they may carry out their duties effectively and develop their potential

Care assistants are required to attend mandatory training courses that are arranged with them. Mandatory training and update training can also be provided subject to contract and in accordance with company policy. Details will be provided by Cheriton Homecare Limited. Care assistants will not be paid for the time spent training. 

Additional training will be assigned to a Care assistant if a service user has a specialised or specific requirement or need. 

All Care Assistants will be required to complete a comprehensive induction with us and will not work unsupervised with a service user until they and their manager are confident that they can do so. 

If care assistants agree to attend/undertake training and they fail to attend, the cost of the training will be claimed from them, either as a request for payment by Cheriton Homecare Ltd from them or as a deduction from any invoice presented by them to Cheriton Homecare.

If on line training courses allocated by Cheriton Homecare are either not started or completed within time frames agreed and Cheriton Homecare is unable to recover the cost of these courses, the same will apply.

It is a requirement that all CherIton Homecare Care Assistant’s statutory training, including Moving and Handling, Food Hygiene, Medication and Safeguarding, is up to date and valid before Cheriton Homecare can place them with service users.


All Care Assistants working with Cheriton Homecare must be registered as Self Employed

The status of any individual working for or with Cheriton Homecare Ltd will be outlined in detail within their contracts.

Care assistants working with Cheriton Homecare Ltd must be registered as self-employed with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). They must hold a valid UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number and are responsible for their own Tax affairs.

No contract for service provision shall exist between Cheriton Homecare Ltd and the self employed care assistants between assignments. It should be understood that Cheriton Homecare Ltd will only provide payment to care assistants while they are on assignments allocated by Cheriton Homecare Ltd care assistants will need to provide Cheriton Homecare Ltd with an invoice for services provided in accordance with the Cheriton Homecare Policy.

Self employed care assistants will not qualify for placement if either, they are not in possession of a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) certificate, or are not suitably trained.

Self employed care assistants are not obliged to accept any placement offered by Cheriton Homecare and are entitled to work with other agencies.

Assignment information forms are binding contracts in addition to and not replacing existing contracts.

The ‘Assignment Information’ document is a form detailing the requirements and duration of services required.

Self-employed care assistants will be offered the opportunity to provide services on behalf of Cheriton Homecare Ltd and will receive assignment Information. These forms outline the care requirements of our clients along with the outcomes of any environmental and risk assessments that have been undertaken. It also outlines the details of the financial arrangements for the care package.

Care assistants are not obliged to accept any assignment offered by Cheriton Homecare Ltd, should they however choose to do so, they will be required to sign the assignment information thereby making it a legally binding contract.

In order to deliver a quality service, continuity of care is paramount. Cheriton homecare in relation to the circumstances of the client will create a responsive care plan and this will result in assignments falling into short, medium and long term contracts. Assignments can be as short as one week or as long as six months depending on the individual circumstances of the client.

Cheriton Homecare Ltd can terminate an assignment early or cancel an assignment without penalty.

No contract for service provision shall exist between Cheriton Homecare Ltd and the care assistants between assignments.

Mandatory training is a compulsory requirement for Self employed care assistants

Mandatory training is training that Is essential for safe and efficient practice and reduces risk in order to comply with policies and regulatory requirements as specified by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Cheriton Homecare’s policies and procedures.

It is our policy to provide training opportunities for all self employed care assistants registered with Cheriton Homecare when on assignment with Cheriton Homecare clients, in order that they may carry out their duties effectively and develop their potential. 

Self employed care assistants will not qualify for placement if they are not in possession of a valid Data Barring Services (DBS) Certificate or are not suitably trained or their training is out of date.

Mandatory Annual Training that must be completed by all active self employed care assistants that work with Cheriton Homecare are:

    • Health & Safety 
    • Fire Safety
    • Equality, Diversity & Human Rights
    • Infection prevention & control 
    • Moving and Handling 
    • Safeguarding
    • Food Hygiene, Safety & Awareness
    • Lone working awareness 
    • Reporting injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR) regulations 
    • Mental Capacity 
    • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
    • Basic risk assessment awareness, including clinical risk assessment 

Cheriton Homecare uses supervisory checks and competency testing to monitor service delivery and improved performance.

Senior management at cheriton homecare uses various methods to monitor service delivery. Self employed care assistants will be subject to competency checking and ongoing monitoring in order to identify possible training opportunities and to improve or adjust care plans. 


If you start working for yourself, you’re classed as a sole trader.

This means you’re self-employed – even if you haven’t yet told HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Care assistants that are registered as self-employed with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Will receive a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number and will be responsible for their own Tax affairs.

Individuals seeking to register as self employed can do so by following these guidelines set out on the HMRC website here

The advantages of being self-employed with Cheriton Homecare 

  • You have more flexibility and control, so it may be easier to fit your work around other commitments and responsibilities.
  • Your work can be more varied, you can register with more than one agency, working for different clients.
  • You can deduct certain costs – travel and some utilities bills, for example – from your income when you’re calculating your tax liability.
  • You may have the potential to earn more money, as day rates for self-employed consultants and freelancers tend to be much higher than salaries.

Care assistants that are not registered as self employed will not be eligible to register with Cheriton Homcare Ltd.

Self Employed care assistants will be required to invoice Cheriton Homecare for the services they provide.

Unique Tax Reference (UTR) Numbers will be required before any payment is made and must be included on all invoices sent by care assistants to Cheriton Homecare.

Invoices submitted by self employed care assistants must be for the agreed fee as laid out in the assignment information provided and in accordance with the terms and conditions signed on registration.

In addition to invoices submitted, it should be noted that official record books supplied by Cheriton Homecare and completed during the assignment must be returned to the office, using the agreed method, applicable to the client.

No invoice will be authorised for payment until the official record books have been received and checked by administration staff, as having been correctly completed.

This requirement will be included as part of the placement contract and without returning completed record books, self employed care assistants would have not completed the assignment according to the terms and conditions of the self employed care assistant contract supplied by Cheriton Homecare. 

Registered self-employed care assistants need to submit an invoice at the end of each week.

Depending on the needs of the client and the expertise of self employed care assistants, a payment between £650 and £1200 per week can be expected.

Payment is made by Cheriton Homecare Limited into UK bank accounts only, following the receipt of invoices and the completion of all administration checks required.

No invoice will be authorised for payment until the official record books have been received and checked by administration staff, as having been correctly completed.

In order to remain compliant with our contractual terms, we must ensure all invoices are received by the deadlines detailed in both your induction course and contract, to allow for prompt processing.