Looking for live-in care in Belgravia? If you want to stay in your own home but need support to continue living independently, live-in care could be the ideal choice for you. Our team of skilled and compassionate carers are here to help you live with dignity and pride.

Live-in care is growing in popularity as an alternative to care homes and sheltered living facilities. If you’ve lived in Belgravia your whole life and don’t want to move away from your familiar surroundings, this care arrangement can help. You will have round-the-clock support from a highly trained carer, with the ability to adjust your care plan as your needs change.

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What is live-in care in Belgravia?

Belgravia residents are turning to live-in care as a way to avoid care homes and sheltered living facilities. If you would prefer to stay in your own home, surrounded by your own possessions and a lifetime of memories, we can help to make this happen.

By choosing live-in care, you can get the support you need to remain in your own home, with the peace of mind of knowing that you will always have someone there in the event of an accident or emergency. If your family is caring from a distance, this can provide much-needed peace of mind.

What are the benefits of live-in care?

There are so many benefits to choosing live-in care in Belgravia. First and foremost, you’ll get to stay in your own home and be close to the people and places that you love the most.

Familiar surroundings can be a huge source of comfort for the elderly, particularly those dealing with a dementia diagnosis. When you choose Cheriton Homecare in Belgravia as your home care provider, you will also benefit from the following:

  • Maintain independence

Through live-in-care, individuals can stay in their own homes for longer and maintain a sense of pride in their independence.

  • Local carers

We only work with local carers with extensive knowledge of the local area, which means they are well-suited to provide personalised care.

  • Family support

When choosing live-in care, the whole family can be involved in care decisions and planning, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • Incredible value

There are considerable savings to be found when choosing live-in care over the wider cost implications of residential care.

  • Flexible care

Through live-in care, we can provide exactly the right level of care and support, and adjust this to meet the changing needs of the client.

  • Improved health outcomes

Studies have found that continuity of care delivered through live-in care arrangements can lead to improved health outcomes for the client.

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Who is a good candidate for live-in care?

If you need support to live safely on your own, live-in care could be the ideal arrangement for you. If you have been advised to consider a care home or assisted living facility, then live-in care could be a much better alternative that will allow you to stay in your home. It is typically suited to those with mental or physical disabilities or limitations that could put them in danger if they were to live alone.

Every client is unique, so we always start by getting to know you and where you believe you need extra help to remain independent. We can use input from healthcare professionals, friends and family to help determine where you need support. This information will be used to create your unique care plan, which can be adjusted as your needs change.

What can live-in carers help with?

Live-in carers provide support based on your unique needs. This could include personal care, mobility support, specialist support for medical conditions and companionship. Your care plan is unique to you and your needs, and the goal will always be to help you remain independent while offering support in the areas you need it the most.

Personal care could include things like help getting dressed in the morning, or help with grooming. It could also include tasks around the house, such as meal planning, food shopping, preparing food and light housework. If you have pets, they might lend a helping hand keeping them healthy and happy.

Some clients need help monitoring health conditions, so their live-in carer will make sure they take their blood pressure every day and relay this information to a GP or nurse. They might also help with medication, making sure that you take it at the right times every day. Or you might need support with things like continence care.

Companionship is another key area where your live-in carer can provide support. If you are living alone, it can be a huge help to have someone around to share a cup of tea and a chat. Your live-in carer can also help you to stay connected to loved ones by helping you to get out and about.

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Live-in care FAQs

What is the difference between home care and live-in care?

With home care, it would be more common for the carer to visit your property on a specific schedule. With live-in care, your carer lives on your property with you. The hours of support might be the same, but you will have the added support of someone staying in your home overnight.

What accommodation does a live-in carer need?

You will need to have space for the carer to have their own room. They will need a bed and furniture in the room and enough space to be able to have downtime in their own room. Many provide a lock on the door so they can enjoy privacy.

Who pays for a live-in carer?

Live-in care is typically self-funded, but there is government support available. To learn more about what funding is available to help pay for your live-in carer, get in touch with our team today.

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