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There is a lot of information to take in about live in care.This page has the answers to questions that are frequently asked by potential clients. If you don’t find the information that you are looking for then please use the CONTACT US page and we will do our best to assist you.

What are the benefits of live-in care at home compared to a care home?

One of the main benefits is being able to stay in the comfort of your family home. This means your family and friends can remain close by and participate in your day to day life. Care Assistants can support you to live your life as you choose and family can actively join in the care planning. This provides great peace of mind for all concerned about your wellbeing.

How do I arrange live-in care with Cheriton homecare?

When you contact Cheriton Homecare administration staff they will discuss your care needs and then make an appointment to visit you if you wish. One of our senior assessors will evaluate your personal circumstances and future objectives and provide a provisional care plan, which is accurately costed. After presenting our suggestions, you have the opportunity to decide if Cheriton Homecare is right for you.

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when an appropriately trained care assistant lives with you, in your family home, and supports you to remain within familiar surroundings, and continue enjoying a secure and comfortable life amongst family and friends, as independently as possible.

What does a live-in care assistant do?

A live-in care assistant will be responsible for the general wellbeing of the person for whom Cheriton Homecare is contracted to support. Care assistants will support you with physical, emotional and social care needs, in a caring, kind and respectful manner and in accordance with Cheriton Homecare policies, preserving dignity and self respect at all times. Detailed information can be found on the care services pages of this website.

Can I have a male or female care assistant?

We are here to provide you with the live-in care that you require and the decision about whom you allow into your home, is always yours. Our person centred approach to care planning means we always take into account your preferences and what is best suited for you and your needs. A care assistant profile is provided for you , so you can gain an insight into which care assistant may be compatible with you. It is important to note that Cheriton Homecare operate a strict non discrimination policy and care assistants can apply for and be offered assignments irrespective of their gender.

Can I choose my carer?

At Cheriton homecare we will always do our best to find carers that are absolutely best suited to your needs. We will then show you a very detailed care assistants profile that will give you the needed information to make your decision.

Will a carer need their own room?

Yes, your live-in carer will require their own suitably equipped and private room, in keeping with current regulations. Having a separate room to themselves, respects privacy and enables care assistants to relax during the mandatory daily breaks, when they are not actively providing care. A study, or living room can be adapted for the task but privacy and security should be of an adequate standard.

How much is live-in care?

This depends on the type of care required and the clients support needs. Detailed information about this can be found on the client classification page of this website.

How do I pay for live-in care services?

Payment for care services provided by Cheriton Homecare will be invoiced to the person responsible for payment on a Monday. The invoice will be for care services provided in the previous week. Specific agreement for payment of invoices will be agreed and detailed in your contract.

What happens in an emergency?

Our person centred approach to care planning will allow the development of strategies in the event of an emergency. Networking with other governmental agencies, such as fire departments and the police, to plan ahead in accordance with your care needs, is also our responsibility.

What about my security?

Care assistants placed in the private homes of our clients have undergone an advanced data barring system check which includes a criminal records check required by regulation. When you first meet a care assistant from Cheriton Homecare they will be introduced by senior management and thereafter will carry an ID Card with a photograph clearly identifying them as working for Cheriton Homecare Limited.

Will you do a free care assessment?

Cheriton Homecare will provide a free assessment of care needs to potential clients, this is carried out by appointment at the residence of the person requiring care.

Who can I can call when the Cheriton Homecare office is closed?

The out-of-hours service for the support of our clients and care assistants operates 24/7 and there is no limit to the number of times you may use the service.

In an emergency please call 999.

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