Cheriton Home Care’s Leadership

“Living and working with Bill helped me to realise that caregiving was my calling. Being involved with caring for more than 15 years, has helped me to formulate and establish the policies and procedures that govern the core values of Cheriton Homecare. This has enabled us to offer others the necessary guidance that is sorely lacking when it comes to assisted living.”

At Cheriton Homecare we understand that each case is unique and care plans should include consideration of all aspects of each individual’s situation. If circumstances prove that additional expertise is required, suitably qualified specialists can be introduced after consultation with all parties concerned.

At Cheriton Homecare we work alongside other professionals such as chiropodists, community nurses and doctors to provide a complementary service, the ultimate aim of which is to provide exceptional personal care.

The cornerstone of Cheriton Homecare’s service, is our relationship with our clients. It is our aim to ensure that the carer assigned will be familiar with, and have an understanding of, each client’s personal circumstances, thereby enabling continuity of care from all levels of the company’s structure.

As needs or circumstances may change over the years, Cheriton Homecare will remain committed, at a managerial level, to support clients and carers with ongoing professional development, to maintain skills and capabilities, and ensure continued care by trusted caregivers at a time when loyalty and support is most needed.

At Cheriton Homecare, we understand that all humans need understanding, caring and familiar faces around them, in good times and bad.

What our clients say about us:

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