Cheriton Home Care’s 
continued commitment to your caregiving

We at Cheriton Homecare strive to build and maintain lasting, long-term relationships with our clients. While senior management and administrative staff will stay in touch and communicate directly with you from time to time, your primary relationship will be with your caregiving team.

From the moment that you decide to become a Cheriton Homecare client, we aim to demonstrate the value of this relationship through the service we provide. Whatever your care needs may be, they are as important to us as they are to you.

We recognise that your satisfaction as a client depends directly on how well we take care of your needs. Your care team will evaluate your needs and discuss with you any additional care or service that we feel may be required.

Deciding which care provider to employ is only the first step in working towards maintaining your independence. Your choice of care provider will determine whether the quality of service you receive meets your expectations. And this is where your relationship with Cheriton Homecare really is different. Senior management continually monitor the case managers who are charged with the responsibility of managing your care.

In order to determine compatibility and suitability, the matching process starts with a detailed analysis of each manager’s style and approach and will include a review of their case history. As part of this process, we have regular meetings to assess the impact and quality of their work including an evaluation of any decisions they may have made. Should it happen at any time that you, our client, or senior management lose confidence in a manager’s ability to effectively manage your care, we will seek to replace them as soon as possible without jeopardising your safety or needs.

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